Real Time GIS

SOMAARTH GIS:Integrated Geo spatial data on demography, development and environment.

SOMAARTH has a dedicated GIS (Geographic Information System) wing along with the large volume of geospatial data sets collected to facilitate exposure science research and spatial epidemiology in the country. A team of trained geospatial analysts along with epidemiologists, social scientists, demographers and field workers work towards management and upkeep of geo-spatial datasets.

The geo- spatial data sets available with the site are;

  1. High resolution Quick bird raster data of 255 Sq Km area covering 51 villages under DDESS (Demographic Development Environmental Surveillance Site).
  2. The geo spatial data construct in form of GIS vectors i.e. physical environment (land parcel, water bodies), social (road, rail, public places, religious places) and services (child & mother care centre, rural banks, health facilities, educational institute, cremation ground/ burial place, others).
  3. The demographic and health datasets of 1, 99,702 persons residing in 51 villages nested within the geo-spatial data sets.
  4. Fine resolution land use data (Land use typology – residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, services, transport and other).
  5. Water and environmental sanitation, Food environment and health care provider data sets.

Geo spatial health research will facilitate in

  1. Conducting real time mapping of environmental risk conditions and establish contextual pathways associated with various communicable and non-communicable diseases
  2. Documenting impacts of changing environment on health and economy of people
  3. Innovating the evidence based environmental and behavioural interventions for prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.