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In 2009, INCLEN established a Demographic Development and Environmental Surveillance Site (DDESS) in Palwal district, Haryana (60 Kms from New Delhi). The DDESS site is known as SOMAARTH encompassing 51 contiguous villages from three blocks with over 200,000 population.

It is a cross-sectoral initiative to develop novel, innovation and real world solutions that help create healthier, more prosperous and sustainable communities. The overall aim of SOMAARTH activities will be to promote health, prevent, control and manage diseases through involvement of sectors like Women and Child Development, Rural and Urban Development, Agriculture, Environment Pollution, Industry, Food Processing and Human Resource Development.

SOMAARTH has a dedicated field site office that includes a laboratory for instrument storage and calibration; data entry and protection areas; and training facilities. It is a unique academic network of Professional from multiple disciplines committed to translational research. Besides, Clinicians and Public Health Professionals, the organization includes Social Scientists, Biostatisticians, Nutritionists, Environmental Scientists, Biomedical engineers, Management Experts, Health Economists, and Communication Experts.

SOMAARTH is a Sanskrit word

SOMAARTH is a Sanskrit word meaning(1)

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